Surprise proposals are so much fun to capture!! I always get an adrenaline rush capturing these moments and I get SOOOO EXCITED for the soon-to-be fiancee. 

surprise engagement photographer Jersey Belmar
She has no idea what is about to happen.

There must be something in the water… because the men these days are turning it up a notch when it comes to proposals!!! They are fun!


From good ol’East Brunswick, the beautiful couple visited Belmar beach to celebrate their anniversary. Little did Brianna know, she was in for the surprise of her life! Without having met in person, Brian and I were able to plan out an amazing surprise proposal via phone and it went even BETTER than I had imagined. Kimberly had the most priceless reaction and said YES!! It was definitely a magical afternoon for this gorgeous couple.  If I could describe their proposal session in 4 words it would be: Romantic, Thrilling, Love, Breathtaking! and fast the hole shoot was 30 mins then they met thier parants for dinner at
La Dolce Vita, an Italian Restaurant in Belmar New Jersey

Wishing them nothing but the best on their journey to becoming husband and wife!! Cheers to the sweet couple! call today 732.451.6003 or text us at 732.451.6003 email is

Planning a surprise proposal shoot is not easy. There’s a lot of planning and organizing, and the most expected thing, things changing last minute! For me, I have to be inspector gadget stalker… in a good way. I never really meet the couple beforehand. Therefore, I really do not know what they look like, except basing it off a photo sent, or what little social media gives me.

Conversations continue up to the actual proposal. What clothes are worn, the time, location change, nerves got to them and they did it sooner then expected. It’s all a rush. But really, one thing remains the same, and that is the excitement, the joy, and the tears. I say tears as in all three of us, yes me included. I’m a sap. I feel like i’m there with the guy, holding this big secret! And still trying to capture the moment!!

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