May 14, 2013 admin

Prince Harry Gov. Christie photos from Seaside Heights today

I will be posting more than 700 photos of Prince Harry greeting the crowds at Seaside Heights  near the jet star roller coaster in New Jersey. I am seeling photos as large as 20 x 30 inches from a high resolution camera contact me using the contact page here to order prints of Prince Harry at the Jersey Shore

The second stop was to the recovering beachfront commercial strip, which includes the Shore Store where the Jersey Shore gang worked. Gov. Chris Christie accompanied the prince for the 90-minute tour.

Christie, dressed in a mint green shirt, gave Harry, dressed in a white button-down shirt and dark aviators, a fleece jacket, similar to the one he wore during days of dealing with the storm. Among those Harry met first were first responders from the storm.

It was a crisp and clear spring day, gloriously sunny. Cranes and games and funnel-cake stands share a swath of freshly rebuilt boardwalk here. Security was relative light: sniffing dogs but no metal detectors. The crowd was three-deep by the barricades, but they squealed enthusiastically when they caught sight of Harry arriving.

Harry tried one of the boardwalk booth games, tossing balls into a bucket and competing with kids from Seaside Heights Elementary as well as the governor. But no joy for them; the kids walked away with the stuffed toys.

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