Whale Photography & Whale watching

For the last 4 years nice 2016 I have been obsessed with photographing Humpback whales along the coast line of New Jersey and sometime New York City harbor. Humpback whales are now seen year around off the beach on new Jersey. Come with me on a guided whale watching trip we stay near to shore about 2-3 miles from the beach.Whale watching will be the thrill of a lifetime and its amazing to see it along Ocean Monmouth and Middlesex County beaches here in New Jersey. Our whale watching trip[ run from April till  late November We also do private group charters and fundraisers, think how easy it is to tell your friends you are going to take them whale watching.

Whale watching and photography , in 2020 Bill Mckim will lead 6 classes on the open ocean showing you how to capture the best shots of the whales and the camera setting He has learned to get the best images.

So, on a sunny day with ISO setting and aperture at f/8, set shutter speed to 1/1200  Bill McKim, Whale Photographer, recommends using an ISO speed of at least 400 to freeze the action of traveling or breaching whales. The more photos you take, the more chance you’ll get a good one.

I promise to show you how to get you camera off the full auto settings and get focus right on the eye of the whales or their flukes.

For a list of our current whale watching dates in 2020 click here Jersey shore whale watching tickets make a great Christmas gift, 


“The highlight of your vacation, whale watching off the coast of Monmouth County!

Trips run May-October” 50 trips in 2 years We have seen whales on 47 trips!

Jersey shore whale watch photography August 2019 photo off Long Branch New Jersey

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