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Bringing a summer family portrait scene to the Belmar beach in snowy March

I met Leslie at an art show I had at Matisse in Belmar a few weeks before Christmas,untitled-5710 she purchased a few prints and sent me an email saying how much she liked the artwork for her home and how she was waiting on delivery of one of the prints that she chosen. I thought it was odd when I did not hear from her for a few weeks, as she had been in frequent contact with me about her order. I figured that she was busy with the holidays like we all were, and that she would check in with me when  she had time. A few weeks later I got a message on Facebook :


See the woman walking by in the background, it was that cold! , of course We cropped her out of the final image!

Leslie wrote, “My husband Richard has been diagnosed with cancer, we are not sure how this is going to go, we need more testing and confirms”. I mailed her print the next day to her home and wished her and her husband the best. A few weeks ago Leslie messaged me saying that she wanted a family session at the beach, I said “Okay, it’s winter, we will do the best we can”.  I told her I would do the shoot and editing for free. Since the ocean and the sand look the same whether its summer or winter, in the event there is snow, we can go to the water’s edge and there will be clear sand that should be usable for a quick session. We booked Saturday March 21st, and left the time open based upon weather and schedules. The Friday the day before the shoot, a near blizzard hit the beach it snowed like crazy,GJ1A9874 GJ1A9791 I was thinking “Well this weekend might not be the right weekend”.  Saturday morning I was up early as usual, and I messaged Leslie at 6:30am and told her “There is about 5 inches of snow, if your husband loves snow there is plenty on the beach, and if not we can shoot another day; or I can attempt whatever you need today.” I was thinking to myself that there is no way this is getting done today, but then remembered that her husband was going back into the hospital for more treatments.  Later that morning I got a message, “We need to do this today as its the only day Richard’s eldest son will be home since he leaves to return to Rutgers for the Spring semester; how about 12 noon”!   I replied “Bring jackets and I will meet you on the beach at noon. At 10am the sun started to really come out shining and stated melting the snow off the beach.

How cold was it? Look at the lady in the background!

How cold was it? Look at the lady in the background!

GJ1A0059-Edit GJ1A0036-Edit GJ1A0026-Edit GJ1A0015-Edit GJ1A0007 GJ1A9993-Edit We meet at noon under bright conditions , and found sandy spots to shoot from. Above are some of the photos from the session. We really enjoyed shooting this wonderful blended family, You can help Rich and his family here :10957136_823421687726420_2072354151695279979_n

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