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President Obama to tour Asbury Park Tuesday with Gov. Chris Christie

BREAKING NEWS: Asbury Park beach personnel told Asbury Pulp contributor Jeffrey Seeds today that President Barack Obama will be coming to the Asbury boardwalk next Tuesday, May 28, 2013 on a tour of the Jersey Shore with Governor Chris Christie.

Beach personnel told Seeds that Secret Service members were already in Asbury Park performing preliminary security checks. Seeds, who was taking items from a beach locker he maintains, was told that before the President’s visit all locks would have to be removed from all such lockers, which run along and just below the boardwalk, as a security precaution.

UPDATE: Gannett statehouse reporter Michael Symons is now reporting that President Obama will speak at Asbury Park’s Convention Hall during his visit to the City next Tuesday, May 28, 2013. ”For ticket (sic) for Obama speech: first-come, first-served, 1 per person, starting 1:00 pm Sunday @ Grand Arcade at Convention Hall in Asbury Park,” he Tweets.

This has not been officially confirmed by city officials, so should be regarded as a developing story.

Neither the Governor’s office nor the White House have released an itinerary for Tuesday’s trip by President Obama beyond an announcement that he and Christie will be touring the Jersey Shore to inspect post-Sandy recovery.
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