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Jersey Shore Holiday Unique gift ideas 2014 Bill McKim

Jersey Shore Holiday Unique gift ideas 2014

Here are some of my unique gifts all American Made, by Bill McKim


I look forward to producing this calendar each year; much like picking songs for an album it’s a
of me, it’s feedback from you-my followers, and it’s the vision I was looking for during the year.
There are occasions when I observe and compose the sky or the scene where I’m able to say to
myself, “Wow this is a calendar worthy moment”. There are other images that once I develop and crop
them, grow on me and almost whisper, look at me I’m special; I need to be shared.

Each of these images represents the beauty of the Jersey Shore, something I have embraced more as I
have aged and realized after having the opportunity to compare with the coastline of the rest of
the country. The shore is such a special place. The ever changing waves, skyline, sand and the sea
breeze are just so very special to me. So whether you are living at the beach as some of us call
it, or the Jersey Shore is a favorite destination of yours, or your family life or career has taken
you away from the area; I hope this calendar brings you the joy I had while constantly looking for
the next calendar image each morning or night while I was photographing.

Ansel Adams once said, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop”. Well this
is my good crop, and I appreciate you the viewer and purchaser of my work for supporting me over
the years by purchasing my work. Your comments and support have helped me through some difficult
times and I thank you for that.

With utmost appreciation I wish you and yours the happiest days in the upcoming year,
Bill McKim

2015 Jersey Shore Photography calendar by Bill McKim
McKim Photography has released the 2015 Jersey Shore Calendar.

The new calendar is sized 9″x12″ (18″x12″ unfolded) and include 15 images total – one for December 2014 and one for every month in 2015. The calendar includes brand new photographs from Bill McKim. We spend over a years time shooting for the calendar it sells out each year. This year the beaches of Belmar, Avon, Spring Lake, Manasquan, Long Branch, Sandy Hook, Bradley Beach, Ocean Grove, Sea Girt, Asbury Park , Point Pleasant, Shark River Hills, Seaside Heights, Island Beach state Park makes its first appearance in the calendar.

US holidays and moon phases are marked.
Jersey Shore 2015 calendar by Bill McKim makes a great gift.

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