Trip of a lifetime for the right fun group of people

hurricane arthur surf photos new jersey-388Friday morning update – Just fill this out, yes its legit, I cant say who the client is, but if you are picked you better have your bags ready! and you will know all the info before you step on the plane

They can NOT be, nor have ever been, a professional actor.  They can NOT have been in SAG, in a film, TV show, major stage production, or a commercial of any kind.
I’m not sure we even want models.  The clients want “real people.”

Fortune 100 company looking for a 25-30 year-old

FEMALE NON-ACTOR (and her friends) to be a brand

ambassador for large, exciting event in another country.

Again, 100% NOT an actor.

Must be physically fit and average height. Nice hands and

nails please. No over the top tattoos or piercings. We’re

looking for someone who is easy-going, optimistic, outgoing,

and up to do everything and anything. Should be attractive

but not necessarily conventionally beautiful or model


Must have 2-4 friends (MIX of male and female) who would

be willing and able to travel with you.

This a real person who would always opt in for something

adventurous. Approachable, authentic and natural.

MUST be available to fly out of the country on Saturday April

25 or Sunday April 26th, and return within a week.

MUST have a valid passport.

MUST BE AT LEAST 25 YEARS OLD (but no older than 30).

You will be compensated. Once again, NO ACTORS.

Please answer the following.

1. Tell us about yourself

2. What is fun night out?

3. in your group of friends who is instigates the most fun and


4. In THIS group who is the leader and why?

5. Are you spontaneous? Give us a spontaneous moment in

your life?

6. If you went to this event and you had to fly half way

around the world what would you pack?

7. If you had a drink or two what would it be?

8. How many times a week do you go out socially.


Getaway trip with friends

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